Homework 1

Code: see repository.

You will have to modify code templates and implement all the required methods -- see code comments for details.

This homework can give you maximum of 20 points (20% of your final result).


You are allowed (and actually should) to use BouncyCastle crypto provider library, get a copy here. You will only need bcprov-jdk16-146.jar (or similar, depending on your JVM version).

You are also allowed to use Apache Commons library, however, it is not recommended.


I will just compile and run the code you've submitted, like this:

  javac -cp .:bcprov-jdkXX-XXX.jar *.java

  java -cp .:bcprov-jdkXX-XXX.jar Main test.txt

whereas test.txt is a small text file with testing data. You can fill yours with some random text, a few lines will be enough.

Submitting the homework

<-- Click 'Homework' in the sidebar, follow the instructions.


Mon 2012-03-26 23:59:59

If homework is submitted after deadline, result will be multiplied by 0.5, and you are not guaranteed to get any feedback in time, if at all.

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