Java Cryptography Architecture

Libraries and Tools

BouncyCastle Crypto APIs for Java: Overview | Download | Documentation

OpenSSL: X.509 manual | CRL manual | OCSP manual

JSSE [new]: Reference

Java crypto tools: Keytool manual

GlobalTrustFinder -- nice demos of signing and certificate manipulation routines, with explanations.

SSL Converter -- convert X.509 certificates between different formats: PEM, DER, PKCS#7, PKCS#12.

OID database: Home | Search

Apache Ant: Manual

References and Manuals

GuardTime: Technical Reference (PDF) | Formats & Algorithms (PDF)

EMV: Specifications

EstEID: Specifications (PDF, Estonian) | Manual (PDF, Estonian)

JDigiDoc: Programmers Guide (PDF)

Course Code Repository

Some exercise and example code will be posted there


Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography (Second Edition)

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