MTAT.03.231 Business Process Managament

  • Lecturer: Marlon Dumas (marlon.dumas ät ut dot ee)
  • Assistant: Vambola Leping (vambola.leping ät
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This course introduces the principles and methods of business process management. The course emphasises the role of business process modelling as an instrument to understand and analyse business operations, and to drive the design of Information Technology solutions to support the automation of business processes.

The course is delivered to students in the Masters of Entrepreneurship and Technology Management (ETM) and students in the Masters of Information Technology (IT). These two groups take separate lectures, but work together in the final project.


  • Lectures: Thu. 10:15-17.15 Oeco-A114 (ETM Master)
  • Lectures: Tue. 10:15-12.00, Liivi 2-404 (IT Masters)
  • Practicals: Tue. 12:15-14.00, Liivi 2-404 (IT Masters)