Details of your projects will be posted here as we progress.

Talks to be presented on Tuesday May 27 and Wednesday May 28

See attached talk schedule (pdf)

May 27th, 12pm (Room 112)

Jurgen Janes, 'Machine learning methods in Astronomy'

Kaur Alasoo, 'Junting for angiogenes in gene expression data'

Andres Tiko, 'Learning Hierarchical Rules'

Laur Tooming, 'Graph clustering on biological pathways based on microarray data'

Meelis Kull, 'Clustering motifs in biosequences'

Aivi Kaljuvee, 'Transformation-based learning for solving PP=attachment problem in Estonian'

Aleksandr Tkatsenko, 'Clustering text documents in modified feature space'

Sander Sonajalg, 'The Oracle of Defli'