Overview of the course game projects

The projects were selected by a secret voting method and teams formed by preferences of team members. Projects are displayed in random order.

The Running Man

A philosophical art game with a twist. You are a white-collar office clerk stuck in the world, trying to escape it and put everything in perspective.



  • Veiko Klemmer.
  • Eerik Kivistik

Planet Cannon

Planet Cannon (working title) is a traditional cannon game in a completely new scale. Now is the time to think beyond the horizon. Master the usage of gravity, moons, cosmic objects and atmospheric influences to your advantage. Fight through epic battles that shake the very universe itself, and get the cookie. Play at http://ubit.ee/planetcannon/


  • Raido Seene.
  • Chris Willmore
  • Kaur Mätas
  • Taavi Viikman

Sohni: Teine teekond Allmaailma

Sohni: teine teekond Allmaailma pakub mängijale lihtsustatud, kuid endiselt traditsioone järgivate seiklusmänguelementide abil lummava kunstilise elamuse. Mängija rändab peategelase Sohnina läbi süngete metsade, rabade ning kõhedusttekitavate koobaste, kus langetatud otsused mõjutavad tahet jätkamaks teekonda Allmaailma. Mängu ainestik baseerub eesti rahvuseepose samanimelisel peatükil. http://sohni.tume-maailm.pri.ee/#content_game


  • Erich Erstu
  • Aleksander Erstu
  • Karl Nagel
  • Raimond Tunnel
  • Timo Kallaste
  • Rauno Kiss
  • Mikk Pristavka
  • Tauri Vahar
  • Heiki Arge

Warnet Single Player Campaign

(Title TBA)

The project is a singleplayer campaign to an already established multiplayer game, Warnet (www.warnet.ee). Warnet is a turn-based online strategy game of medieval warfare that enables 2-6 players battle each other on a custom map. The game involves deep strategy, tactics and planning. The expansion focuses on introducing the game and tells a story of a small army that is trying to defend it’s kingdom from an agressively invading neighbour. More info on the game at http://www.warnet.ee


  • Oliver Leisalu
  • Sergei Laada
  • Raul Kübarsepp
  • Edvin Aedma

Autumn Solstice

Autumn Solstice is a short 2d puzzle platformer. Your character is a young girl living in a tree hollow. She is forced to leave her home she knows and loves to take on a dangerous and difficult journey of growing up. On this journey she explores a beautiful world with an autumny feel, solves different puzzles and makes you ponder about life in general. As you grow bigger you can not go back, but have to adapt to new and often dangerous circumstances. http://autumnsolstice.blogspot.com.


  • Katarina Allev.
  • Peeter Jürviste
  • Egon Elbre
  • Timo Petmanson
  • Tiina Turban

Deep Gut

A casual game for iPhone. The events of this game take place in the intestines of cosmic monsters - instead of killing the creatures, you are given a chance to cure them by venturing into the core of the problem. The project was fused with Autumn Solstice.


  • Liisi Grünberg
  • Marko Väljaots (initially)
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