Home Assignment

Credit Requirements

In order to get credit for the course, hand in (via email to kt at ut.ee) the following by the 24th of December:

  • Lab 1: Frequent Itemsets
    • Implementation of the frequent itemset mining algorithm (working code).
    • Written answers to the following questions (slides 9 and 10):
      • Given a fixed itemset i, devise a permutation test, to see whether it is significant.
      • If a fixed itemset is present is this frequent in a given dataset, how likely is it going to be present in another transaction?
      • What about a discovered itemset?
  • Lab 2: Regularization, Nonlinear Regression
    • Conclusions derived from Exercises 1, 2 and 4, in written form.
    • The code and a brief conslusion (in written form) for Exercise 7.
    • Exercise 9: Code (a. and b.) and a written answer to c.
  • Lab 3: PCA, K-means
    • The code and the scatterplot from Exercise 5.
    • The code and a written summary for Exercise 7.
  • Home Assignment: CCA, Cross-language Text Retrieval
    • Code and written summary for Exercises 4 and 5.
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