MTAT.08.021 System Administration (6 ECTS)

Lectures, Liivi 2-111:

Thursdays 12-14 - Markko Merzin

Lab Sessions, Liivi 2-123:

Group 5: Tuesdays 10-12 - Dmitri Danilov
Group 2: Tuesdays 16-18 - Dmitri Danilov
Group 4: Wednesdays 08-10 - Urmas Rosenberg
Group 7: Wednesdays 18-20 - Shazia Javed
Group 3: Thursdays 08-10 - Urmas Rosenberg
Group 1: Thursdays 16-18 - Dmitri Danilov
Group 6: Thursdays 18-20 - Shazia Javed

Discussion Board: accessable here

Test Server:

  • (accessible only from class or with VPN to UT, requires p12)

About Course Project

Course Project

Course Objective and Outcome

The goal of this course is to introduce you to system administration. After this course, you will have basic knowledge in the following topics:

  • base resources of computer systems: storage, computing power, bandwidth, software, resource virtualization
  • best practices in system administration
  • processes in system administration: planning, risk management, implementation, testing, maintenance, monitoring, documenting, service support, problem management

Acquired skills include:

  • planning systems and services
  • implementing services
  • service monitoring
  • service maintenance
  • problem management in computer systems

The course and the labs will be taught in English.
During the labs, you will set up common services like mail server, web server, file server, or a monitoring system using the Linux operating system.

25.06.2012 10:15 at Liivi 2 room 202 is the last chance to take short tests!

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