Course Project

Course project is individual (or in groups of 2-3) work where student uses and demonstrates knowledge and skills acquired during System Administration course.


15 top-scoring students are optionally relieved from course project and can take an oral exam instead. Candidates for oral exam will be notified personally few days after third test. If You haven't received invitation to exam by 07.05.2012, then You are not eligible.

Watermark was 26,5 points. Also there was 15 runner-ups with 26 points.

Max 10 low-scoring students who showed significant effort during semester and still are about to get F or E, are also eligible for oral exam. Contact me if You want to apply. Nice course project counts as a significant effort.

Deadline for course projects is 25.06.2012.


Students are not required to give a public presentation. Those who want to give a presentation, must register day before presentation by email.

Dates for presentations are 10, 17, 24 May.

Each presentation have 15-20 minutes. Have few slides which explain Your work and demonstrate few tasks directly from virtual environment.

Course project

Set up Your own virtual environment (using virtualbox is recommended) with at least two virtual servers, so that one acts as a client and other is server. Configure at least 10 services/tasks (per group member) in server and demonstrate that services work, using client. Complex tasks count as 2 or 3 simple tasks.

Example tasks:

  • Simple tasks which give decent grades:
    • Network is configured, client and server can ping each other.
    • DHCP server is configured, client gets network configuration from server.
    • SSH server is configured, client and server can connect to each other.
    • Simple DNS zone is configured.
  • Tasks which give excellent grades and count as 2-3 simple tasks:
    • Client or/and server is implemented with not-Debian operating system. FreeBSD, Solaris, Fedora are good candidates.
    • Two servers with DNS master and slave, apache web server in each server, duplicated apache virtualhost, apache and DNS configured, so web page from virtualhost is served even when any of the servers is down.
    • Two servers, one client. Client can access Internet through both servers, routing information is broadcasted to client using some dynamic routing protocol (RIP for example), so client can access Internet when either servers are down.

Tasks are graded as

	0p: not implemented or does not work
        0,5p: trivial task, seems to be directly copied from lab
	0,75p: nearly works or good effort
	1,5p: works or excellent effort

Tasks total: 15p.

Presentation: 5p.

Really clever solution: extra 10p.


Students who didn't make a presentation must upload their virtual machine images to the server, into /syshald/projectwork/[Your UT Username] folder. Also, include one-page summary with system description and list of completed tasks.

Server is accessible trough sftp and scp protocols.

Deadline for course projects is 25.06.2012.

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