Introduction to Quantum Computing


20.04.2012 - There was a misunderstanding with the course time on Friday and most students missed the lecture. The lecture on Grover's algorithm will be repeated on Monday. We'll also try fit the lecture on Quantum Fourier Transform into the timetable.


Despite the considerable interest the prospect of Quantum Computation has generated in the domain of research, this novel interdisciplinary topic is often reserved for students focusing on studies in Physics in selected universities. The aim of this course it to bring this hot topic closer to students in the equally suitable field of Computer Science. The mathematical framework required to understand the basics of Quantum Computation is given and two models, the commonly used Quantum Circuit model and the more recent Measurement-Based Quantum Computing model, will be explained. Possible applications of quantum computing will be presented along with a couple of more interesting quantum algorithms if time permits. The final lectures will cover additional topics, not found in textbooks: low-depth quantum complexity theory and the novel cryptographic protocol of Universal Blind Quantum Computing. The course is to be held at an informal level and will be given in English.

The course is aimed at Master's and PhD students, but will assume relatively little beyond basic algebra and probability theory, so It will also be suitable to more interested Bachelor's students.


  • Introduction & Linear algebra (pdf)
    Tuesday, April 17, 16:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Quantum Mechanics (pdf)
    Wednesday, April 18, 16:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Quantum Circuits (pdf)
    Thursday, April 19, 16:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Grover's Algorithm
    Friday, April 20, 14:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Grover's Algorithm
    Monday, April 23, 16:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Simulating Clifford Circuits
    Tuesday, April 24, 16:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Quantum Depth Complexity (pdf)
    Wednesday, April 25, 16:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Measurement Based Quantum Computing
    Thursday, April 26, 16:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Universal Blind Quantum Computing
    Friday, April 27, 14:15, Liivi 2-612
  • Quantum Fourier Transform
    Friday, April 27, 16:15, Liivi 2-612

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