The assessment of this course is divided into two components:

  • Practical Assessment, performed throughout the semester
  • Conceptual Assessment, performed at the end of the semester.

Practical Assessment

The Practical Assessment will be obtained as follows:

  • 10 points per lab session. Total = 70 points. See below for details on how the lab sessions are graded.
  • 20 points for homeworks given by the lecturers. There will be 4 homeworks, worth 5 points each. You will not know in advance which lecturers will give you a homework and which lecturers won't. During the lecture, the lecturer may announce by surprise that there is a homework due for next week.
  • 10 points for an online software testing exercise that will be sent to you via e-mail on 9 November and that you must complete no later than 12 December at 23:59 GMT.

If you get less than 60 out of 100 points in the practical assessment, you will get a grade of 'F' in your first examination. In this case, you will be given a second chance to improve your practical assessment score. If your score after the second try is at least 50 out of 100, you will become eligible for a resit (kordueksam).

Conceptual Assessment

The Conceptual Assessment will consist of an exam worth 100 points. Students who get less than 40 out of 100 in this exam, will get a grade of 'F', regardless of their Practical Assessment score. This same rule will apply for the resit (kordueksam).

Final Score and Grade

If you score at least 60 points in the practical assessment and at least 40 points in the exam, your final score will be computed as the arithmetic average between the practical assessment score and the exam score. This average score will be translated into a grade between A and F according to the following scale:

  • A - 91 .. 100
  • B - 81 .. 90
  • C - 71 .. 80
  • D - 61 .. 70
  • E - 51 .. 60
  • F - 0 .. 50

The same principles will be applied for calculating the resit grade, except that in the resit, the minimum required score for the Practical Assessment is 50 points instead of 60 points.

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