An early start requires a combination of things to go well; a late start can be caused by one thing going wrong.

Mike Cohn, Agile Estimating and Planning

Policy for missing deadlines

  • Up to 24 hours late: score is reduced by 25%
  • 24-48 hours late: scored is reduced by 50%
  • > 48 hours late: 100% of the points deducted (score = 0)


All deadlines are at 8am Estonian time

  • 12 September (Teams formed)
    • Tasks completed: Registering to the course, choice of project topic, registering the project team with lecturer, customer has been contacted at least once
  • 19 September (End of "iteration zero")
    • Tasks completed: Collaboration infrastructure working, requirements, project plan (list of issues in the issue tracker linked to requirements)
  • 3 October (Intermediate Milestone)
    • Tasks completed: Prototype 0.1 (mockup) with release notes and build+install procedure. This doesn’t need to be a "working prototype". It can be a mockup or one component of the system
  • 17 October (end of 1st iteration):
    • Tasks completed: Prototype 0.2 with release notes, build+install+test procedure, evidence of testing. This prototype can be incomplete but in working condition.
  • 14 November (end of the 2nd iteration):
    • Tasks completed: Whole system with release notes, user manual or video clip, build+install+test procedure, evidence of testing
  • 23 November (end of project)
    • Project presentations