• The course report should be submitted as a pdf file.
  • The length of the report can vary but it should be at least 6 pages and at most 20 pages in LNCS format.
  • The course report should understandable for the fellow students taking the course.
  • All accepted course reports will be published in the course web page.
  • Course reports should give a self-contained overview of the topic. If there are side topics that are relevant but not so important to give a full treatment, then the topic should be briefly mentioned in the report together with appropriate references.
  • If a student decides to write more extensive overview, do some experiments or obtains new theoretical results, then it is possible to get additional 3EAP by taking a special assignment.

Course reports

StudentSupervisorTopicFirst draftFinal versionSlides
Kristjan KripsArtjom LindTowards secure P2P computingPDFPDFPDF
Bingsheng ZhangSven LaurUniversally composable oblivious transferNot PublicNot PublicReading-group presentation
Predrag TasevskiJan WillemsonPassword cracking tools for breaking TrueCrypt filesystemPDFPDFPDF
Jaan JänesmäeJan WillemsonPassword cracking tools for breaking TrueCrypt filesystemPDFMISSINGMISSING
Roman TeklovSven LaurInformation Extraction Techniques in Terrorism SurveillancePDFPDFPDF
Sanja ŠćepanovićSven LaurMethodical materials for Crypto II courseNot PublicPDFNot needed
Andrea StoccoPeeter LaudAutomatic protocol analysisMISSINGMISSINGMISSING


StudentFirtst reviewer 1Second reviewerThird reviewer
Kristjan KripsPredrag TasevskiSanja Šćepanović 
Bingsheng ZhangKristjan KripsSanja Šćepanović 
Predrag TasevskiJaan JänesmäeRoman TeklovBingsheng Zhang
Jaan JänesmäeRoman TeklovPredrag Tasevski 
Roman TeklovJaan JänesmäeBingsheng ZhangKristjan Krips
Sanja ŠćepanovićKristjan KripsBingsheng ZhangSven Laur
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