Important Dates and Deadlines

To be updated as soon as I manage to do!

  • Kickoff seminar: 7th September Wednesday 16:15 Liivi 2-405.
  • Deadline for topic: 21th February 12:00 Tuvalu time.
  • Deadline for the first draft: 17th of October 23:55 Samoa time.
  • Deadline for the second draft: 14th of November 23:55 Samoa time.
  • Deadline for reviews: 28th of November 23:55 Samoa time.
  • Deadline for the final report: 12th of December 23:55 Samoa time.
  • Presentation day: 15th of December 9 - 14 in Liivi 2-403.

The first draft must be at least two pages long and contain the main structure of the article. The second draft must be self-complete piece of work ready for reviewing.

Presentation schedule

Prestentations start at 9.15 and continue in live order. Each presentation roughly takes 30+15 min (probably 35 min on average).

  1. Alisa Pankova
  2. Toomas Krips
  3. Kristjan Krips
  4. Riivo Talviste
  5. Reimo Rebane
  6. Vignesh Meenakshi Sundaram
  7. Prastudy Mungkas Fauzi
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