MTAT.07.022 Research Seminar in Cryptography
MTAT.07.022 Krüptograafia uurimisseminar

  • Contact person: Sven Laur
  • Email:
  • Seminars: Wednesdays 16:15 Liivi 2-405
  • Kick-off seminar: 7th September Wednesday 16:15 Liivi 2-405

What and Why

The main aim of a course is to introduce a bunch of interesting research topics from the areas of Computer security and Cryptology. As such, the seminar is a preparatory step for bachelor or master studies in Computer security and Cryptology. Ideally, one should have a first draft of his or her bachelor or master thesis after the seminar or a clear view why doing a research in these topics is is not a good idea for him or her.


A student has to write and present a research report on a pre-agreed topics in order to pass a seminar. The base part of the seminar is graded by pass or fail and gives 3 EAP. However, if a student wants to spend more time on the subject and provide a new solution or implementation, then he or she can get additionally 3 EAP and a grade for the project. Formally, this is done by taking the individual course (MTAT.07.020 Special Assignment in Cryptography) but in practice it means just an agreement with a supervisor and seminar organizer.

This year we will introduce an extra participation requirement. On fridays the crypto group has seminars where research present some of their new findings or cover some important topics in cryptography or security. To pass the seminar, a student has to attend at least 50% of those presentations. The exact schedule of meetings will be available from the reading group webpage.

The research report should be written either in English or Estonian. The language of the presentation depends on the students participating the seminar. If there is at least one student who cannot speak Estonian, it is preferable to hold all presentations in English. Students have to be present during all other presentations to pass the course. Exceptions can be made only if there are convincing reasons and it has been pre-agreed with the seminar organiser.

If the formal requirements of the ÕIS do not permit registration then write me an email or talk with me. After that we decide whether to enroll you or not.

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