• The course report should be submitted as a pdf file.
  • The length of the report can vary but it should be at least 6 pages and at most 20 pages in LNCS format.
  • The course report should understandable for the fellow students taking the course.
  • All accepted course reports will be published in the course web page.
  • Course reports should give a self-contained overview of the topic. If there are side topics that are relevant but not so important to give a full treatment, then the topic should be briefly mentioned in the report together with appropriate references.
  • If a student decides to write more extensive overview, do some experiments or obtains new theoretical results, then it is possible to get additional 3EAP by taking a special assignment.

Course reports

StudentSupervisorTopicSecond draftFinal versionSlides
Kristjan KripsLiina KammTools for analysing the security of symmetric primitivesPDFPDF ΔPDF Δ
Riivo TalvisteDan BogdanovPractical attacks against a passively secure MPC systemPDFPDF ΔPDF Δ
Reimo RebaneDan BogdanovPerformance analysis of network-bound MPCPDFPDF ΔPDF Δ
Alisa PankovaPeeter LaudModel Checking in Protocol AnalysisPDFPDF ΔPDF Δ
Prastudy Mungkas FauziHelger LipmaaRecent Developments in Fully-Homomorphic EncryptionPDFPDF ΔPDF Δ
Vignesh Meenakshi SundaramBingzheng ZhangCryptanalysis with cube attackPDFPDF ΔPDF Δ
Toomas KripsSven LaurWeakly hyperinverible matrices over ringsPDFPDF ΔPDF Δ


StudentFirtst reviewer 1Second reviewerThird reviewer
Kristjan KripsVignesh Meenakshi SundaramReimo Rebane 
Riivo TalvisteVignesh Meenakshi SundaramToomas Krips 
Reimo RebanePrastudy Mungkas FauziKristjan Krips 
Alisa PankovaKristjan KripsRiivo Talviste 
Prastudy Mungkas FauziToomas KripsAlisa Pankova 
Vignesh Meenakshi SundaramRiivo TalvisteReimo Rebane 
Toomas KripsAlisa PankovaPrastudy Mungkas FauziJan Willemson
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