Exam 1

Software Entrepreneurship Project Plan

In order to undertake this examination, you first have to find an idea of a software product or service that you would be willing to commercialize. Examples of such ideas can be found for example by checking previous editions of Garage48 or similar competitions. However, you cannot copy an existing idea, instead you ought to develop your own idea.

If you do not have such an idea, it is strongly recommended that you do not take this examination. Instead, you should opt for the traditional written exam option in January.

Assuming you have an idea that excites you and that is likely to excite others, your task is to design a business plan to develop and commercialize the product or service that you have conceived. You should prepare this business plan as if you were planning to present it to venture capitalists or potential business partners with the aim of getting them to invest into your project. You will be graded both based on the form (i.e. do you submit the required deliverables) but also in terms of how convincing your business plan is.

It would be a bonus if you could show wireframes or mockups to illustrate how your service would look like from the perspective of potential customers, but this is not a requirement for this examination. Naturally, if you have an already running prototype, that's an even bigger bonus!

We will assign you a grade based on two deliverables:

  1. A 10-12 minutes presentation to be given on 13.12 (between 10:15 and 13:30)
  2. A business plan (5-10 pages) to be submitted by e-mail to the lecturers on 18.12

Your presentation should describe the following elements:

  • Your software product or service idea
  • Your business model, meaning how do you expect to make revenues
  • Description of the target market(s) and estimate of the market size
  • Your marketing and sales plan, including marketing and sales channels to be used, and required investment to execute your marketing and sales plan
  • Your projected revenues for at least the first three years of your project
  • Your product development plan (who, when, what)

For some sample presentations, you can look at this video (starting from minute 21).

The report should include:

  • Description of the software product or service
  • Analysis of the cost/effort of developing the software
  • Description and justification of the business model
  • Market/customer analysis
  • Business case analysis (including NPV, ROI, IRR and break-even point analysis). You should include a table or attach a spreadsheet with the calculations.
  • Marketing/sales plan
  • Product development plan

Good luck!