Teams and Their Presentation Topics

TeamThemeDemo DatePresentation Date
Silver LeinbergFundamentals of imaging and human perception15th of February22th of February
Hans Mäesalu & Egon Elbre & Konstantin TretjakovReconstruction of 3d shapes form 2D images22th of February1st of March
Hannes Tamme & ??Basic image Processing tools1st of March8th of March
Kristjan Krips & Timo PetmansonColour image processing8th of March15th of March
Sven LaurFrequency domain filtering15th of March22th of March
Erik Ilbis & Raimond TunnelMorphological processing of black and white images22th of March29th of March
Dmitri Melnikov & Aleksei PanarinLine, edge, blob and corner detection29 of March5th of April
Mihkel Heidelberg & Karl TarbeImage segmentation into objects5th of April12th of April
Jorma Rebane & Roland PihlakasRepresentation of extracted objects12th of April19th of April
Aleksandr Tkatsenko & Artjem LindIntroduction to machine learning19th of April26th of April
Jaanus Kalde & Veiko VunderObject recognition based on extracted features26th of April3rd of May
Mihkel Pajusalu & Janno JõgevaTracking moving objects form image sequences3rd of May10th of May
All TeamsPresentations of project topics and putative solutions 31st of May

Teams and Their Project Topics

TeamThemeProject Report
Silver LeinbergAnalyzing cracks in thin metallic filmsMISSING
Hans Mäesalu & Egon ElbreApplications of spatially invariant vector quantificationpdf
Hannes TammeQuantification of Various Properties of Objectspdf
Kristjan Krips & Timo PetmansonCreating a 3D model from a video by a single camerapdf
Erik Ilbis & Raimond TunnelAutomatic OCR system for supermarket billspdf
Dmitri MelnikovSeparation of sky and background pixels in hemispherical forest imagespdf
Aleksei PanarinEdge detection using waveletsMISSING
Mihkel Heidelberg & Karl TarbeObject tracking and motion analysispdf
Jorma Rebane & Roland PihlakasDetection and triangulation of objects in the Robotex playgroundOMITTED
Aleksandr Tkatsenko & Artjem LindDetection and removal of commercials form TV recordingsOMITTED
Veiko VunderEAP kõveruse uurimineOMITTED
Mihkel Pajusalu & Janno JõgevaKaamera pildi järgi roboti lokaliseeriminepdf

Ideas and data sets for the course project work

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