Enterprise System Integration (2011)

Bonus task: Top-Down Service Analysis

This assignment is optional. If completed, your team will be given up to 2 "bonus" points for the course. The assignment is to be completed in teams of 2-4 (preferably the same teams that have been formedfor the other homeworks of this course).

The deadline for submission is 31 October at 10:15am. Please submit via e-mail to the lecturer (Marlon Dumas) or on paper during the 31 October lecture.


Apply the top-down service analysis method introduced during the 17 October lecture in order to produce service interaction diagrams for the Swedish Electricity Market. Information about the Swedish Electricity Market can be found in the Handbook for the Swedish Electricity Market (Chapters 2, 3 and 10).

The submission should include:

  • A Level 0 diagram showing actors, services and interactions.
  • A Level 1 diagram for each of the main services identified in the Level 0 diagram. The Level 1 diagram should also include actors, services and interactions.

The purpose of the service interaction diagrams is to show the services that electricity suppliers and network owners need to provide in order to participate in the electricity market.

You may use a UML communication diagram or any other suitable notation to write the level 0 and level 1 service interaction diagrams.

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