One project can only be chosen by maximum of 4 students! You can choose projects from: (pdf)

Then register with Huber Flores by writing an e-mail to huber AT Put also srirama AT in Cc

Deadline for choosing project: 21/11/2011

If you have an original idea, it is possible to develop it as course project. However, it must have a similar complexity than the ones showed in the list of projects. (An agreement with the lecturer is required)

Projects already taken:

Project 2: User's context monitoring

     Priit Rand
     Kaspar Sarapuu

Project 4 : Offline Location Based

     Dmitri Grištšenko
     Elikar Tsaro
     Kait Krull

Project 5: Photo Sharing

     Patris Halapuu
     Andres Traks
     Silver Jurimae
     Siim Puniste

Project 7: Adaptable Image Interface

     Hesam Yousefipour
     Zahra Jafari
     Maria Gaiduk
     Dmitri Nikulin
     Aleksei Panarin

Project 8: The Journalist

     Marko Leek
     Kaarel Hanson
     Riivo Ehrlich

Movietimes in Estonia (WINDOWS PHONE PLATFORM)

• Movietimes and notifications about movie times in Estonia. An Application to discover good movies and set reminder for when they are shown in cinemas in Estonia. • Different cinemas • Push Notifications • Movie information (imdb, rottentomatoes, watching trailers etc. • Finding and creating a good data source.

     Marko Tiidla
     Priit Tiidla
     Silver Mikk

     Oliver Soop
     Madis Pukkonen


       1. A user's guide that describes the functionality of the application.
       2. A report containing the application conceptual analysis 
		for example: in the case of User's context monitoring project
			- explanation about the algorithms implemented
			- analysis of the databases, etc.
       3. A zip file containing the application package (*.apk), the source code and any dependent libraries.
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