MTAT.08.021 System Administration (6 ECTS)

Lectures, Liivi 2-405:

Thursdays 12-14 - Marti Taremaa

Practicals, Liivi 2-123:

red group: Tuesdays 12-14 - Marti Taremaa, Markko Merzin
green group: Tuesdays 14-16 - Marti Taremaa, Markko Merzin
blue group: Wednesdays 12-14 - Marti Taremaa, Artjom Lind
black group: Wednesdays 14-16 - Marti Taremaa, Markko Merzin
grey group: Thursdays 14-16 - Markko Merzin, Urmas Rosenberg
white group: Thursdays 16-18 - Markko Merzin, Urmas Rosenberg


31st of May, 10-13, Liivi 2-111
14th of June, 10-13, Liivi 2-315

Course Objective and Outcome

The goal of this course is to give students basic knowledge about system administration from platform-independent point of view. After this course students will have basic knowledge on the following topics:

  • base resources of computer systems: storage, computing power, bandwidth, software, resource virtualization
  • best practices in system administration
  • processes in system administration: planning, risk management, implementation, testing, maintenance, monitoring, documenting, service support, problem management

Acquired skills include:

  • planning systems and services
  • implementing services
  • service monitoring
  • service maintenance
  • problem management in computer systems

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