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News and posts

  • Dataflow variables in Ruby blog post
  • The Twitter dev team has switched to Scala blog post
  • C++ Futures LtU post
    • The next C++ standard is supposed to include futures in the libraries.
  • Do we need new languages for parallel processing?
 (insideHPC post)


Programming languages

  • Oz (site)
    • multiparadigm: declarative concurrency, dataflow variables, message-passing concurrency, shared-state concurrency, object oriented programming, constraint programming, distributed programming
    • Mozart VM, explicit green threads, no multicore support
    • Mozart 4.0, new fault tolerance model
  • Alice ML (site)
    • Oz inspired
    • futures and promises
    • Concurrent lambda calculus with Futures html with pdf link
  • Erlang
  • Scala (site)
    • actors
    • java like syntax, run on JVM
  • Clojure (site)
    • software transactional memory
    • lisp like syntax, run on JVM
  • E (site)
  • Parallel Haskell
    • speculative declarative concurrency (with pseq and par)
    • multicore support
  • Data Parallel Haskell (wiki)
    • Nested Data Parallelism
  • Concurrent Haskell (wiki)
    • forkIO, MVars
    • Software Transactional Memory (STM)
  • OpenMP (site)
  • Nesl (site)
    • Nested Data Parallelism
    • no source available, only for uncommon architectures