Project Assignments

Markko MerzinReverse-engineering of Network Topology
Svitlana VakulenkoFast Generation of Surveys on Academic Topics
Anastassia Semjonova & Roman TekhovEvaluation of Various Sampling Methods for Directed Graphs
Abel ArmasProgressive Visualisation of Large Graphs
Raivo Kolde & Karl PotiseppHow do Co-expression Patterns Change in Human Tissues?
Riivo Kikas & Oskar GrossAnalysis of Social Networks
Marius Oliver Gheorghita???
Lauri Eskor & Markus LällUnderstanding Blogosphere and Its Dynamics
Maksim Maljutin???

Important details

  • The course report should be submitted as a pdf file.
  • The length of the report can vary but it should be at least 6 pages and at most 20 pages in LNCS format.
  • The course report should understandable for the fellow students taking the course.
  • All accepted course reports will be published in the course web page.
  • Reports should contain problem statement, description of used methods, results and interpretation of the results.
  • Custom-made tools, scripts and program code should be attached as a separate tar.gz file
  • In principle, the description of methods and data should be detailed enough to redo all experiments.

For good and bad examples, see the reports from previous seminars.

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