Supervisors and Topics

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Dan Bogdanov

Applied Cryptography and Security

  • Sources of high quality randomness in different operating systems (Win/Lin/Mac)
  • Overview of Certificate Authorities and their certificate issuing policies
  • Privacy-preserving market basket analysis and its implementation
  • Privacy-preserving collaborative intrusion detection and its implementation

Yao circuit evaluation

Aivo Jürgenson

Security and Intrusion Detection

  • Detecting anomalies in web-traffic by using geographic information
  • How to fight with Skype and Thor

Sven Heiberg

Applied Cryptography

  • Proof of concepts attacks against E-voting solutions

Peeter Laud

Cryptographic Protocols. Program Semantics and Theoretical Cryptography

  • Formalizing security properties using process algebras
  • Various methods for analyzing protocols
  • Security in wireless sensor networks

Sven Laur

Theoretical Cryptography

  • Zero-knowledge proofs in the multi-party setting
  • Threats in social media
  • Security models in browser applications

Helger Lipmaa

Theoretical Cryptography

  • E-voting schemes
  • Private information retrieval with Binary Decision Diagrams

Jan Willemson


  • Tunnelling P2P communication in a another P2P network
  • Case studies with attack trees
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