Project work

Please refer to the following description.

Project Deadline

During the lectures we changed project deadline for January 7th.

Deadline January 7th at 16:00.

Use Homework submission form for project upload

It is my great pleasure to announce a "mini-conference" tomorrow, Thursday, 10:15-14:00, in the room Liivi 2- 405. (NB! not 403)

This will contain brief reports of a subselection (<50%) of projects completed during the Data Mining course. Come and see how mobile phone could be used to solve sudoku-s instantaneously from photo snapshot; how car numberplates can be recognised from images, how fraudsters could be identified, web-logs analysed, music recommendation systems built, or eye-tracking data analysed, for example.

Building a Naive OCR System

    Kaur Alasoo, Jaana Metsamaa

Sudoku reading and solving

    Liis Haav, Madis Abel, Jürmo Mehine, Sigrid Pedoson


    Rauno Ots, Artjom Lind, Villen Looga, Murad Kamalov


    Martti Vasar, Martin Sula, Kaarel Hanson, Kaur Mätas

Automatic Recognition of Car Numberplates

    Martin Raie, Ats Uiboupin, Tõnis Tobre, Tiit Ginter

Scalable K-medoids Using Triangle Inequality

    Pelle Jakvoits, Siim Karus, Roman Jagomägis

Click-stream Data Analysis of Web Traffic

    Riivo Kikas, Karl Potisepp

Mining Episodes Satisfying Multiple Constraints

    Karl Blum, Timo Petmanson

Analyzing Hypergraphs

    Oskar Gross, Anna Leontjeva

Exploratory Analysis of an Annotated Text Corpus

    Aleksandr Tkatsenko, Roman Tekhov

Mining and Visualizing Eye-Tracking Data

    Marti Kaljuvee, Riivo Kikas, Indrek Kriisa, Jaak Sarv

Music Recommendations

    Elen Kivi, Kait Kasak, Andres Kauts, Oliver Leisalu

Goal: to fit each group in about 12 minutes overall. I.e. use 8-10 minutes for presentation, followed by questions/discussions.

Presentation outline:

1. Title, authors 2. Motivation and task 3. Main achieved results 4. Some technical details - your work and contribution 5. Conclusions/discussion



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