MTAT.07.006 Research Seminar in Cryptography

Andmed on kopeeritud arhiveerimise eesmärgil. Originaal materjalid on võetud aadressilt.
Materials are copied for arciving purposes. The original source was taken from the address.

  • Gives: 3+3 AP = 4.5+4.5 ECTS
  • Organizer: Helger Lipmaa.
  • Time and room: Friday 14:15-15:45 Liivi 2-315.
  • Office hours: Liivi 2-334 by appointment.
  • Course material: papers and surveys on the subjects. See schedule. More information will follow later.
  • Mailing list: teadus dot crypto at lists dot ut dot ee.
  • Prerequisites: MTAT.07.002 or any of its predecessors ("Cryptology I" ) or equivalent skills.
  • Seminars are only going to happen when somebody talks. Check the schedule page.
  • I will directly email information to all students, so email me if you want to be in my mailing list.
  • No brochure in Estonian. No exams.

Focus for 2009

The next will be discussed during the first seminar. The seminar series will not have a concrete focus. Instead, various supervisors propose their topics for interested students. The supervisors mainly choose topics that are interesting for themselves, which in particular means that they are in most cases able to continue supervision also after the seminar to the end of a potential MSc (or BSc/PhD?) thesis. Such continuation is however not mandatory.

Students can also propose their own topics, but in this case they have to find a supervisor who is interested in supervision.

Some topics require previous knowledge of cryptography, but other topics will be accessible to students who take Crypto I in parallel (although, some independent work is to be expected in this case).

This course is obligatory for our NordSecMob master students. Everybody else is also more than welcome.

Signing up for the seminar

Fastest way: Use OIS. If you do not manage - don't blame me, OIS was not programmed for human usage. (You probably have to email Ülle Holm who will then manually register you.)