Homework will be delivered almost weekly. There will be some questions pertaining the readings for that week as well as material covered in class. There will also be a few problems to solve where appropriate.

On occasion, bonus questions will be included in the homework.

For more details, refer to the course outline.

  • HW1 Due Tuesday Feb 19 (pdf)
  • HW2 Due Tuesday Mar 11 (pdf)
    Dataset for HW2 (txt)
  • HW3 Due Tuesday Apr 1, 11.59pm (pdf)
    No late HWs accepted as answers will be discussed on Apr 2.
    Training data for Bonus question (zip)
    Test data for Bonus question (zip)
    NEW! Bonus question data in Weka format, courtesy of Kaur (zip)
  • HW4 Due Wednesday May 14, 11.59pm (pdf)
    Files for last bonus question:
    Gene Expression (zip)
    miRNA Expression (zip)\\