MTAT.07.007 Graduate Seminar on Cryptography

Andmed on kopeeritud arhiveerimise eesmärgil. Originaal materjalid on saadud Jan Willemsonilt.
Materials are copied for arciving purposes. The original source was contributed by Jan Willemson

  • Credits: 3CP/4.5ECTS
  • Leading lecturer: Jan Willemson
  • Course assessment: pass/fail
  • Term: spring term
  • Time and place: Wednesdays 12.15 - 14.00, Liivi 2-404
  • Kick-off meeting: 20.02
  • Mostly, Crypto II course will take place that time.

How it works

There will not be too many regular meetings, most of the work will done individually, under the supervision of a designated tutor. The aim of the seminar is to write an overview paper on some topic and present it in the end of the term at a miniconference. In spring term, main emphasis is on the master students, for whom the seminar is a mid-term check point of their progress. The timeline will rouhly look like this.

  • Kick-off meeting: 20.02
  • Selection of the topic: 27.02.
  • Working with the literature, writing the preliminary version (LaTeX strongly preferred): 02.04 09.04.  
  • Peer-review of the papers (each paper will be reviewed by two coursemates): 09.04 16.04. The evaluation form is available here.
  • Presenting the final version of the paper: 28.04 at 10.15-11.45 in Liivi 2-404 and 30.04 at 16.15-17.45 in Liivi 2-315.

Students, topics, referees

Student Topic TutorReferee 1 Referee 2 First draftFinal version Presentation
Liina Kamm Towards a game-based protocol prover Sven Laur Yanjun Yao Ngo Thang Long Will only referee
Margus Niitsoo Hash computations Ahto Buldas/ Sven Laur Yanjun Yao Ngo Thang Long niitsoo1.pdf niitsooslides.pdf
Ngo Thang Long Universally composable cryptographic library Peeter Laud Dan Bogdanov Margus Niitsoo ngo1.pdf longfinal.pdf longslides.pdf
Yanjun Yao Multi-party computations Jan Willemson Liina Kamm Dan Bogdanov yanjun1.pdf yanjunfinal.pdf yanjunslides.pdf
Dan Bogdanov Implementing > using information-theoretically secure circuit evaluation Sven Laur/ Jan Willemson  Liina Kamm Margus Niitsoo bogdanov1.pdf bogdanovfinal.pdf bogdanovslides.pdf