• First meeting: Wed Feb 21
  • March 7: selection of topics
  • Mar 21: Project outline - 1-2 page exact plan
  • Apr 25: First draft of the report; evaluation of draft by co-students
  • May 2: Referee reports sent out by e-mail (cc: to Jaak and Maarika) Referee form
  • May 16th: Final reports ready! (e-mail to Jaak and Maarika)
  • May 23: Conference on Text Mining. Room 512. (at 9 am)
  • May 24: Conference on Text Mining. Room 225

Topics chosen

  • Marion Reuter - Text mining: definition, approaches and applications
  • Konstantin Tretjakov - Machine translation of short texts
  • Ilja Livenson - Text Visualization
  • Anton Stalnuhhin - Genetic Algorithms for the Discovery of DNA Regulatory Elements
  • Jaanus Hansen - Text Document Clustering
  • Raivo Kolde - Introduction to Statistical Machine Translation and Text Alignment
  • Toomas Laasik - Discovering relations between motifs and their occurrences in promoters
  • Ljubov Feklistova - Text classification. Decision Tree Based Method
  • Hendrik Nigul - Determining Duplicates in Biosequences
  • Reina Käärik - Comparison of Texts Using Different Algorithms
  • Meelis Kull - Towards decoding DNA substring distribution
  • Aivi Kaljuvee - Information Retrieval - query refinement using user feedback
Jaanus HansenIlja Livenson, Aivi Kaljuvee, Hendrik Nigul
Reina KäärikRaivo Kolde, Aivi Kaljuvee
Ilja LivensonJaanus Hansen, Marion Reuter
Hendrik NigulAnton Stalnuhhin, Toomas Laasik
Ljubov FeklistovaJaanus Hansen, Reina Käärik
Anton StalnuhhinMeelis Kull, Jüri Reimand
Marion ReuterReina Käärik, Jüri Reimand
Raivo KoldeKonstantin Tretjakov, Anton Stalnuhhin
Meelis KullKonstantin Tretjakov, Toomas Laasik
Konstantin TretjakovMeelis Kull, Raivo Kolde
Toomas LaasikHendrik Nigul, Ljubov Feklistova
Aivi KaljuveeLjubov Feklistova, Marion Reuter, Ilja Livenson

Seminar papers

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