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Text mining

  • Ronen Feldman, James Sanger (2006) The text mining handbook: advanced approaches in analyzing unstructured data. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006
  • Anne Kao, Steve R. Poteet, eds. (2006) Natural language processing and text mining. New York: Springer
  • Manu Konchady (2006) Text mining application programming. Boston (Mass.): Charles River Media.
  • Sholom M. Weiss (2005) Text mining : predictive methods for analyzing unstructured information. New York: Springer
  • A. Zanasi, ed. (2005) Text mining and its applications to intelligence, CRM and knowledge management. Southampton; Boston: WIT.
  • Christiana Petrou (2005) Text mining: a tool for statistical learning. University of Louisville, Department of mathematics. Louisville (Ky.): ProQuest.
  • Waleed A. Zaghloul (2005) Text mining using neural networks. Graduate College at the University of Nebraska. Lincoln (NE): ProGuest
  • Michael W. Berry, Murray Browne (2005) Understanding search engines : mathematical modeling and text retrieval. Philadelphia, PA: SIAM, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Michael W. Berry, ed. (2004) Survey of text mining: clustering, classification, and retrieval. New York: Springer
  • Christopher D. Manning, Hinrich Schütze (2003) Foundations of statistical natural language processing. Cambridge (Mass.); London: MIT Press, 2003
  • Peter Jackson, Isabelle Moulinier (2002) Natural language processing for online applications: text retrieval, extraction, and categorization. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: Benjamins

Data mining and pattern analysis

  • Ian H. Witton and Eibe Frank (2005) Data mining : practical machine learning tools and techniques. San Francisco (Calif.): Kaufmann; Oxford: Elsevier
  • John Shawe-Taylor, Nello Cristianini (2004) Kernel methods for pattern analysis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Gonzalo Navarro, Mathieu Raffinot (2002) Flexible pattern matching in strings: practical on-line search algorithms for texts and biological sequences. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber (2001) Data mining : concepts and techniques. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann

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