MTAT.03.211 Seminar on Text Mining (3 AP)

  • Seminars: Wednesdays, 16:15, room 404, CS department
  • Questions: Jaak Vilo (vilo [at] and Maarika Traat (maarika [at]



Main goal is to study the domain of text related data mining and information retrieval. For example, the analysis of DNA, protein, and RNA sequences; natural language processing; etc.

This seminar will be held in the "conference" style. Towards the end of the semester, on May 16th and 17th, a conference will be held where everyone will make a presentation on their chosen topic. Also a few benchmark meeting take place on Wednesdays before the conference to report on the progress and discuss the problems that have arisen. Please see schedule for the exact dates when these intermediate meetings take place. The next meeting is also highlited at the bottom of this page.

Students need to present the written term papers. Each presentation will be accompanied by a written 5-12 page overview of the scientific literature on that topic, covering the problem statement, key ideas, and proposals for further research questions.

Practical aspect of trying to solve some problems by yourselves and reporting upon its success will be advocated.

May 23: Conference on Text Mining. Room 512. (at 9 am)
May 24: Conference on Text Mining. Room 225

Information about who reviews whose paper can be found here.

Seminar papers

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