MTAT.07.007 Graduate Seminar on Cryptography

Andmed on kopeeritud arhiveerimise eesmärgil. Originaal materjalid on saadud Jan Willemsonilt.
Materials are copied for arciving purposes. The original source was contributed by Jan Willemson

  • Credits: 3CP/4.5ECTS
  • Leading lecturer: Jan Willemson
  • Course assessment: pass/fail
  • Term: autumn term
  • Time and place: Wednesdays 10.15 - 12.00 Liivi 2-404
  • Kick-off meeting: 12.09

How it works

There will not be too many regular meetings, most of the work will done individually, under the supervision of a designated tutor. The aim of the seminar is to write an overview paper on some topic and present it in the end of the term at a miniconference. The timeline will rouhly look like this.

  • Kick-off meeting: 12.09
  • Selection of the topic: 19.09
  • Working with the literature, writing the preliminary version (LaTeX strongly preferred): 06.11. A template for the paper can be found here
  • Peer-review of the papers: 21.11. Each paper will be reviewed by two coursemates. The evaluation form is available here.
  • Preparing the final version of the paper: 05.12


  • 05.12: Liina Kamm and Lauri Rätsep
  • 12.12: Long Nguyen and Margus Niitsoo
  • 19.12: Ngo Thang Long and Yanjun Yao

Students, topics, referees

Student Topic Tutor Referee 1 Referee 2 First draft Final version Presentation
Liina Kamm Commitment schemes Sven Laur Ngo Thang Long Margus Niitsoo kamm-seminar-autumn07.pdf
Margus Niitsoo Derandomization Ahto Buldas Liina Kamm Long Nguyen sem.pdf niitsoosem.pdf niitsooslides.pdf
Indrek Saar Threat modelling will only referee
Ngo Thang Long Reputation management Peeter Laud Yanjun Yao Indrek Saar longngo_repman_deception.pdf longngo_final.pdf LongNgo_Presentation.pdf
Long Nguyen Protocol analysis Peeter Laud Lauri Rätsep Liina Kamm seminar-paper-LongNguyen.pdf long_final.pdf Long Nguyen-Presentation.pdf
Yanjun Yao Reputation management Peeter Laud Ngo Thang Long Margus Niitsoo FullPaper_V3_a73482.pdf FinalPaper_a73482.pdf BeliefRevision.pdf
Lauri Rätsep Security analysis Jan Willemson Indrek Saar Yanjun Yao AttackTrees.pdf RatsepFinal.pdf Ratsepslides.pdf

Tutors and topics

Peeter Laud

In recent years, my research interest has been (cryptographically correct) cryptographic protocol analysis. The analysis methods I am interested in usually involve abstracting out / away the various cryptographic primitives at some point (re.placing real functionalities with ideal ones), simplifying the rest and then analysing the thing that is left with whatever (non-cryptographic) means we can.

I have also been interested in language-based information-flow security. To make sure that a program preserves the secrecy of its secret inputs, the flow of values through the variables of the program is tracked / approximated.

I am also interested in (although I have not been particularly active in) controlling the behaviour of parties in a multi-user environment through identifying the guilty parties when some operation goes wrong, telling the others about it and then letting the collective to take corrective action. In short, I am interested in how to assign the blame and how to manage reputations.

Sven Laur

I am interested in zero-knowledge proofs and automatic verification of security properties of cryptographc protocols. As a separate topic for the seminar I propose the study of IND-CCA2 security of Crames-Shoup protocol.

Jan Willemson

My proposed topics for the seminar include practical security analysis and economic aspects of information security.

Dan Bogdanov

My research topic is building a privacy-preserving distributed virtual processor. Stating it otherwise -- I want to create a data processing machine that can work with data without understanding its meaning. There are several side projects suitable as topics for master thesis, concerning extending and applications of this framework.

Ahto Buldas

For the seminar, I propose topics on derandomization, the techniques that allow one to turn randomized algorithms into deterministic ones.