Detailed schedule will be here ASAP

Language: Course is taught in English

Previous knowledge: Basics of C++ with objects


  1. Intro to C++/Symbian, platforms (S60 Intro)
  2. SDK Tools & IDEs
  3. Naming conventions
  4. S60 Application Framework
  5. Basic vector graphics
  6. GUI components and Controls
  7. Resources
  8. Leaving and Trap,CleanUpStack and TwoPhase construction
  9. Descriptors
  10. Arrays
  11. Lists
  12. ClientServer solution in S60
  13. Active Objects
  14. File Server, Stream & Store
  15. Basic MMF programming in S60
  16. Intro to Python for S60

All these include a lot of hands-on exercises.

IDE used: Carbide.c++ express
SDK used: S60 2nd Edition FP2 or S60 3rd Edition


Course materials:

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